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Creative Manual Pressure Mini Portable Espresso Machine

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Creative Manual Pressure Mini Portable Espresso Machine

Product features:

1. The shape of the coffee machine is small and the loading capacity of coffee powder is also limited. The capacity of 8g is enough for one drink. Due to the gap between the coffee powder, 8g of coffee powder at a time may spread out. It is recommended to put half of the coffee powder and then press it with a spoon-and then put the other half. After filling the powder, press it with a spoon, the pressure will be greater during extraction;

2. The optimized extraction pressure of the coffee machine is up to 18bar, and girls may be a little strenuous when using it, so they can use both hands to press;

3. After use, please pay attention to clean the machine in time and dry it to prevent bacteria from breeding or producing peculiar smells, which will endanger your health;

4. It is recommended to wash it with hot water before each use, and preheat the cup with coffee at the same time, so that the taste of the coffee will be better.

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